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Orbea Carbon OIZ Soft Tail

We've all seen those pictures of the Six13 version of the Cannondale Scapel at last years Eurobike, a custom made one-off carbon/Al frame for Christophe Sauser. While Cannondale was worried about how to make a reverse-steering bike, Orbea went ahead and carbonized their OIZ soft tail XC bike, filling our need for a stiff, lightweight, carbon, soft-tail, XC race machine for 2007. As for carbon/ti soft tail action, Serotta's got that covered.

Another shot of this sexy bike
here and here.

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Check out this reverse-steering bike action from Cannondale at Demo Days. Turn left, it goes right. Turn right, it goes left. This was retro-fitted onto a 'DayDodger', another cruiser-style bike new for this year. So is the lefty fork still on the left...or the right? What will those crazy cats at Cannondale come up with next, a motocross bike? Yeah right.

Interbike 2006

Today was the first day of Interbike Outdoor Demo 2006 in Nevada. Photos are just starting to get posted and so far there isn't much to get excited about. I anticipate seeing more 29er bikes/wheels/tires, new XTR on everything, SRAM Force groupo on the few road bikes, and what's a new bike without carbon fiber? Notably, Trek, Bell Sports, and Chris King are back at the show. Check out Interbike's 'Official' blog. For audio updates for your ipod, subscribe to Crooked Cog's daily podcasts.

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'Tis the season for bike shows! Those lucky buggers across the pond get first peaks at new gear from Eurobike and EICMA. No, it's not the carbon-this and carbon-that, that's got me excited. Carbon was SO 1995. It's hydraulic shifting. Red 5, a start-up company from Germany has done a swell job of constructing a fully functional and well developed shifting system for mountain bikes. It's not our first forray into hydraulic shifting (see The Machinist's mod and Shimano's patent) but it's the closest to a working or finished product we've seen yet. From, it is reported that shifting is 'nearly frictionless, light, and performs with perfect accuracy'. The whole setup including F/R shifters, F/R derailleurs, with lines and fluid weigh 495 grams. Compare that to my XO setup of 538 grams. Hold your horses - don't sell your new XTR just yet. This hydraulic shifting system costs a cool 1500 EU (that's $2000 USD). Only 5 sets are currently in existence and they've already been spoken for. And then there's that pesky US patent Shimano has over hydraulic shifting. Looks like most of us will be stuck with shifting by good 'ol cable for a while yet.

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