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Skunk never smelt so good: 2007 XTR Reviewed

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Skunkworks is a division of Shimano that gets to develop and test the latest and greatest toys that come out of Osaka Japan. Kinda like SRAM's Black Box, Trek's ACG, Intense F.R.O, or - well, you get the idea. We've seen the not-so-super-secret 2007 Shimano XTR offerings all over the web for the past few months, all the way from prototype to finished product. And finally, these goodies get to be ridden by us them mere mortals. Reviews have started to pop up over the internet with first ride impressions being quite positive. In general, the entire XTR group is lighter, ergonomically friendlier, more durable, and performs better than its predecessor. The group uses new materials like carbon/ti in the chainrings and scandium in the wheel rims. More options in component selection are available with 3 different rotor sizes, hydraulic brakes with shifters or without shifters, and 4 rear derailleur types (conventional long, conventional short, low long, low short). Follow the links below to read more about riding impressions of Shimano's 2007 XTR group.

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