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Colnago Goes Taiwanese for 2007: CLX

There hasn't been many postings of Colnago's plans for 2007. Those visiting Milano, Italy wouldn't be able to find much in the way of new bikes, aside from the tweaked Extreme C bike, the Extreme Power. Turns out, we were looking in the wrong place. Try Taiwan. Yes, the Italian bicycle manufacurer has decided to outsource their building of a new line of affordable carbon fiber bikes, designed in-house, the CLX line. From the horses mouth:

"My new CLX is a high performance yet affordable carbon fiber bicycle. We have designed the CLX here in Cambiago in our ColnagoLab, then brought the manufacturing to Taiwan to bring the price down to a more affordable level. For years, our customers have been asking us for a more affordable carbon fiber bicycle but we didn't want to make anything cheap and unreliable. We have done a lot of testing and now we know the CLX deserves the name Colnago."

This is a first for the pure Italian company. Affordable, sure. But would you really buy a Colnago made in Taiwan?

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2007 Giant Bikes

MBA has the latest pictures of the production versions of Giant's full suspension carbon bikes, the Anthem Advanced and Trance Advanced. The Anthem is a Maestro 3.5" travel 24 pound XC bike with a miriad of tube shapes. Rounding out the kit will be 2007 Shimano XTR TRIGGER shifters (read: not dual shifters), Fox 32F-X fork, and Mavic CrossMax SLR wheels. I can hear the bolts loosening off of weight weenie NRS owners' bikes now.

The carbon Trance is a 4.5" travel all-terain 26 pound bicycle with edgy tube shapes, finished off with SRAM X.O. and Race Face components, and Mavic CrossMax wheels. Both can be had in the 2007 season for a cool $6000.

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For those longing for a lightweight alternative to the Fox fork, check this out. No, sadly it's not a production or even a prototype. From the translation, it's a one-off replica of an F80 fork using ultra-exotic carbon. The crown and fork assemblies where cast and molded to produce this 1350g 'faux' fork.

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2007 Scott Bikes: Spark and Addict

Scott has a couple new bikes for the 2007 season. Sticking to what they do best lately, these new bikes will be carbon fiber and super light. The Spark is their new ultra-light short travel full suspension bike Thomas Frischknecht will be racing this season. Word on the street is the frame and shock weigh a mere 4 lbs, complete bike weighing 22 lbs. Familiar to Scott-fans is the thick carbon weave seen on their CR1, Scale, and Ransom bikes, giving this frame the stiffness and low weight we've come to expect from Scott. Scott utilizes a new frame building technology dubbed Moulded Integrated Process.

Not to leave the financially challenged out of the carbon road frame market, Scott has introduced the Addict line. These frames will be a step down from their CR1 frames, with a LTD edition model with an integrated seat-post (just under 1000 grams for frame and fork).

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Cannondale will follow up the System 6 with new carbon frames for their mountain bikes in 2007. And these aren't your father's Ravens' either. Cannondale has taken their Rush marathon bike and molded a carbon frame that yields a frame weight 300 grams lighter than it's aluminum predecessor. The Lefty carbon fork incoporates an integrated one-piece stem and steerer tube for further weight reduction and increased stiffness. Team bikes will sport 2-piece Hollowgram SI cranks, SRAM X.O. components, and Mavic CrossMax SLR wheels.

A first for Cannondale is their carbon hardtail, the Taurine. The super sized tubes and special hour-glass-shaped headtube make this 1250 gram (claimed) frame a super stiff contender in the ever crowded carbon hardtail arena.

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Skunk never smelt so good: 2007 XTR Reviewed

Skunkworks is a division of Shimano that gets to develop and test the latest and greatest toys that come out of Osaka Japan. Kinda like SRAM's Black Box, Trek's ACG, Intense F.R.O, or - well, you get the idea. We've seen the not-so-super-secret 2007 Shimano XTR offerings all over the web for the past few months, all the way from prototype to finished product. And finally, these goodies get to be ridden by us them mere mortals. Reviews have started to pop up over the internet with first ride impressions being quite positive. In general, the entire XTR group is lighter, ergonomically friendlier, more durable, and performs better than its predecessor. The group uses new materials like carbon/ti in the chainrings and scandium in the wheel rims. More options in component selection are available with 3 different rotor sizes, hydraulic brakes with shifters or without shifters, and 4 rear derailleur types (conventional long, conventional short, low long, low short). Follow the links below to read more about riding impressions of Shimano's 2007 XTR group.

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Detours of the Real World - A Balancing Act

So it turns out that starting a new job that requires your attention for 80 hours a week doesn't leave much time to surf and blog about the latest and greatest bicycle componentry and technology. I feel bad - real bad - for letting this site go by the wayside. I guess after the whole Landis scandal and everything else going wrong in the world today, talking about cool bicycle shat didn't seem substantial anymore. Balancing work, family, and hobbies gets hard nowadays but it has to happen to stay sane - so I can stay sane! I promise I'm working on a few new posts and even a new look for the site. Surfing gets the creative juices cookin'. There's a ton of new eye candy coming out for the 2007 season and beyond that's sure to get people talking. I'm officially wiping clean the cobwebs around here and starting anew. This site will not be abandoned!

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