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Stan's NoTube System Patented

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On devil's day, Stan's Tubeless tire conversion kit, "NoTubes" gets patent #7055569. The abstract:

"The present invention provides a compound, system, and method for retrofitting and converting standard bicycle rims and tires having tube to be tubeless. Standard tube tires are retrofitted by installing either rim tape or a rim strip with integral valve stem around the inner channel of the rim, mounting the first bead of the tire, injecting a liquid sealing compound into the tire cavity, finishing mounting the tire, inflating and installing the tire on a bicycle. The sealing compound may additionally contain propylene glycol or an aggregate material to encourage the sealing of the tires as punctures occur when the tire system is placed into use."

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 6 years, Stan's NoTube rim strip and tire sealant system has been converting weight weenie's tubed wheelset and tires to run tubeless. What are the advantages of this, you ask? Besides being able to run lighter wheelsets and tires, you can run your tires at low pressures, thus gaining traction and loosing rolling resistance. You are also immune to such annoyances as puctures and pinch flats. The NoTube website has some impressive pictures of poor tires resembling Hellraiser's Pinhead. Here's a great overview at

The tubeless sealant craze began with the weenies over in the Save Some Weight forum at Like any new product, it had some hiccups. Criticisms were equal to the praises back then. After some fine tuning, however, Stan has produced a fine product that many racers and weekend warriors now swear by.

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Since Stan's NoTubes, other tubeless tire sealants, or parts of it, have hit the market: Eclipse Tubeless kits, Flat Attack, Maxxis TS rim strips, Bontrager Super Juice, just to name a few.

NoTubes has expanded their product range to include wheelsets, disc rotors, and even a tire, to satisify the weight weenie bug in all of us.

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