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Lighter Mavic Wheels for 2007

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More reports about the 2007 Mavic product line are just starting to come out with the keyword being lighter. Over in the mtbr forums, one member claims to have seen a 2007 CrossMax XL wheelset. The wheels are reportedly still black and will sport the machined-rim-between-spokes ISM Milling as its lighter sibblings have in the past. The claimed weight is also 300 grams lighter than the previous model bringing a rim-brake set down to 1315 grams (claimed)! Read the forum thread here.

Roues Artisanale has news of 2007 Ksyrium TdF race wheels, again, claiming to be 300 grams lighter, bringing a wheelset down in the range of 980-1280 grams. Other details include 45mm rim height, traditionally laced Kevlar spokes, 18/20 spokes up front, and 24 in the rear. The short post ends with, "the wheels seem to be a Lightweight/Bontrager mix." Hmmm, that wouldn't be the first time Bontrager teamed up with someone else in product development. Can't wait to see some pictures of these new French/German/American Freedom wheels.

Update: Roues Artisanales has edited their post to say, "look like Lightweight/Bontrager mix" and state that they are paired spoke, which would be a first for Mavic.

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2 Responses to “Lighter Mavic Wheels for 2007”

  1. Anonymous James 

    These look good too. I really like those Ksyrium ES wheels with a single red spoke. The single yellow spoke on these is very striking against the black.

  2. Anonymous Dan Gerous 

    And here is what looks like the Crossmax SLR, a lighter version of the Crossmax SL I guess...

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