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New Fuel Frame from Trek?

Looks like those boys and gals in the ACG team at Trek have something cooking in the oven and it smells like carbon. The Trek newsletter, Exit 180, has a mystery photo of a tubeset for a new bike. No details are given other than it will be lighter and more efficient than its predesessor and that a built up bike will be shown in next month's newsletter. Looks definitely like a revamped Fuel bike, probably using a new mix of carbon formula seen it's road counterparts. Possibly even a new suspension design that will be more "efficient".

2007 Campagnolo Record

It's what you've been waiting for. The good folks at Roues Artisanales have finally posted pictures of the much lusted re-designed Record carbon group from Campagnolo. On the same day, has photos of Wilier Triestina's new Cento bike fully dressed in 2007 Record goodness. The group uses the UltraTorque 2 piece crankset (of course) in both standard and compact configurations. The brakes look to be alloy sharing the same machined look than it's younger sibbling has. The Record shifters will be the only Campagnolo shifter that will allow multiple down-shifts; all others will be limited to a quick single shift mechanism. Again, like the Veloce group seen before, the Record transmision is emblazoned with 'Quick Shift' logos, apparently a new technology that, what else, improves shifting at a lighter weight. Who will be the first to put these componets on a scale to give us some real world weights?

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Back in Black! New Mavic CrossMax SLR

Thanks for the tip, Dan. Looks like those intrepid folks in the mtbr forums took a pic of a new Mavic 26" mountain bike rear disc wheel, labeled 'CrossMax SLR'. You know only good things come from SLR monikers. The CrossMax SL's were introduced in 2003 as a "Super-Light" successor to the CrossMax wheelset. Not the lightest wheelset available at the time, but they were pretty darn stiff and light enough for most. The SLR promises to be an even lighter version of the SL, making many wonder what the 'R' could possibly stand for. Any ideas? Hmmm, let's see... CaRRRRRbon hubs? KevlaRRRRRR spokes? Black and lighter are definitely the themes at Mavic for 2007. All owners of black bikes rejoice! Black, back!

Read forum thread here.

Update: These new wheels were spotted being tested in Canada, eh!

2007 Lemond Website

Kinda late, but nonetheless... the Lemond website has been updated with their 2007 line. As per previous reports, the road racing bikes include the all carbon Triomphe series (Victoire, Zurich, Buenos Aires, Versailles), Aluminum/carbon spine (Chambery, Alpe D'Huez), aluminum (Tourmalet, Reno, Etape), and steel (Sarthe). There are additionally triatholon specific bikes (Rennes, Limoges), cross (Poprad), and track (Fillmore). Where's the Tete de Course with the Bontrager XXX?! Check out the website at

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Lighter Mavic Wheels for 2007

More reports about the 2007 Mavic product line are just starting to come out with the keyword being lighter. Over in the mtbr forums, one member claims to have seen a 2007 CrossMax XL wheelset. The wheels are reportedly still black and will sport the machined-rim-between-spokes ISM Milling as its lighter sibblings have in the past. The claimed weight is also 300 grams lighter than the previous model bringing a rim-brake set down to 1315 grams (claimed)! Read the forum thread here.

Roues Artisanale has news of 2007 Ksyrium TdF race wheels, again, claiming to be 300 grams lighter, bringing a wheelset down in the range of 980-1280 grams. Other details include 45mm rim height, traditionally laced Kevlar spokes, 18/20 spokes up front, and 24 in the rear. The short post ends with, "the wheels seem to be a Lightweight/Bontrager mix." Hmmm, that wouldn't be the first time Bontrager teamed up with someone else in product development. Can't wait to see some pictures of these new French/German/American Freedom wheels.

Update: Roues Artisanales has edited their post to say, "look like Lightweight/Bontrager mix" and state that they are paired spoke, which would be a first for Mavic.

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Look Ma', No Chain!

Hmm, what's missing here on this bike? The Dekra D-Drive bike has its transmission inside the chainstay, doing away with that 140 year old chain. Shifting through the bevy of all three gears is accomplished though an internally geared hub (what did I tell ya?). This little bit of comfort-tech is quite similar to (if not the exact same) as Biomega's Shaft-Drive system on their Coppenhagen bike, or Incline Sport Comfort Cross 3 Bike, or Bike Valley Co.'s Tara. These bikes would be great for commuters - no more tucking the pant leg into your socks! That's hot. The bike is being imported to the US by Dynacraft.

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Campagnolo 2007 Veloce Picture has posted a picture of Campagnolo's new Veloce groupset. Now in black, the Veloce group features the Ultra Torque 2-piece crankset, machined brake calipers, and new shifting mechanisms (one down-shift at a time). Compare the new set with the old set.

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Just an update on those dudes in pink. The Serotta sponsored Beat Cancer Team won Race Across America (RAAM) 24 hour Corporate Challenge, plus set a new record for the course. From Oceanside, CA to Flagstaff, AZ, the team rode with a time of 1.00.24, averaging 20.04 mph. The next closest team was 2 hours behind them. Congratulations.

Donations to the Breast Cancer Fund can be made at The bikes, 8 Legend Ti STs, will be auctioned off there as well. Race results can be found at

Update: just released a write-up about their win. Read more.

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Have you ever wanted to upgrade to 10 speeds but just could find the bones to afford it. Well, your wait is over. Bike Sport News has details of Campagnolo's 2007 entry-level group, the Xenon - now a 10 speed group. The group will feature Campagnolo's new Quick Shift technology that apparently helps with shifting under load. The new 'escape mechanim' allows the "component [to become] weight-related easier and absolutely maintenance-free." (Huh?) The Xenon group will sport only a compact crank.

Also featured is the 10 speed Mirage group that will get the uber-cool Ultra Torque crankset in both standard and compact setup. Quick Shift and the escape mechanism are new to this group as well.

Pricing has yet to be announced.

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Exciting times at Kona bikes right now. has a vlog recording the Kona 2007 Launch across the pond. 15 new bikes. Great names. Lighter frames. New logos. Check it out. To subscribe to's podcasts for iTunes, here's the link. For pictures, see this post. For the video, click the picture above.

2007 Wisconsin Insider Photos

I found
this thread in the Passion forum at A couple nice pictures of the new Lemond Triomphe series carbon bike and carbon chainstay on a Fisher Race Day, Sugar(?), HiFi bike. Looks like Gary just couldn't throw away the Sugar mold just quite yet. Get psyched for the up-coming 2007 Trek Press launch, Interbike, and the Trek Show.

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Niner Bikes has fully disclosed info on their new full-suspension 29er offering, the R.I.P. (Roll In Peace) 9. Frame weight is 6.5 pounds for a medium. 4.5" of travel. Custom butted and drawn 7005 aluminum. Read more here, here and here.

Tech Surf

Just a quick one while I'm out of the country (and thus, away from a steady internet connection):
And don't forget to check other blog's I read:

Those were the take-home points from's first impressions of Lemond's 2007 Triomphe. Confirming previous reports, the new all-carbon offering from Lemond was designed entirely independent from Trek, thus, "felt noticeably different" when comparing it to the Madone. The reviewer goes on to say:

"I didn’t have to think about what the bike was doing, which allowed me to enjoy the idiotic grin on my face, crazy look in my eyes, and yelps of glee from my mouth as I chased Greg"

Uh huh. Anyhoo, if you hadn't noticed, a lot of unique tube shaping went into making the Triomphe frame to achieve this confidence-inspiring ride. For example, notice the assymetrical chainstays on the left. also hints at how Lemond will incorporate the Triomphe 'series' into the Lemond line. The Triomphe series will include the Versailles ($1979), Buenos Arires ($2419), Zurich ($2639), Victoire ($4289) and the 850 gram Penultimate Ultimate Tete de Course ($$$$$). The previously reported aluminum/carbon spine bikes will be the Alp D'Huez ($1800) and the Chambery ( $2100).

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TIME For Some New Paint in 2007 has posted pictures of new TIME bikes paint schemes for 2007. Pictures of the VXRS Ulteam, VXR, VXS, and Edge frames 'modules' are included. The post also mentions the use of Campagnolo's new Carbon Centaur rear derailleur for 2007.

Read more and see more here.

Serotta is providing the Beat Cancer 24-Hour Race Across America (RAAM) Team with eight special edition Legend Ti ST frames painted tastefully in pink. I must say, it's the best looking pink bike I've seen. After the race, the bikes will be auctioned off to raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund. The auction will be on, mid-June. More pictures of the team and bikes can be found here, here, and here. is also raffling off a special edition Moots Compact loaded with one-off pink ano parts, again, for the BCF. If that's not enough pink bike for ya, check out this site (no it's not a link to '' but there ya go).

Support Serotta. Support breast cancer research. Support guys in pink tights. Well, 2/3 ain't bad. Off my soap box. has more pictures of the new LOOK bike, the 595. Pictures of the new Tour bike leaked out four weeks ago on forums (via but now we have details and close up pictures. Following in the footsteps of Giant and Time, LOOK has integrated their seatpost into the frame. The seat is affixed to the frame/seatpost by a "bung" system (yeah, I don't know either), a sort-of mini-seatpost that wedges into the frame held in place by elastomer bands. Being masters of carbon, the new 595 is truly an all-carbon frame, meaning carbon lugs, drop outs, and BB shell. The only alloy on the entire bike are the BB threads and the bottle cage threads. This use of carbon and a new fork design (HSC6) allow the 595 to be lighter than the 585 (1052 grams, real world weight, 55cm sans seatpost) and stiffer to boot. Also new for the 595 is internal downtube cable routing.

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Trek Equinox TTX Closeup gets up close and personal with Trek's new Equinox TTX bike ridden by George Hincapie. Most notable is the Bontrager cockpit shown above. The Equinoix TTX frame is made from OCLV 120 carbon.

Read more here and here.

I completely missed the boat on this one. This post made more than a week ago over at highlights the changes going on within Lemond for 2007. Aside from the much talked about Triomphe and Triomphe Ultimate, Lemond will do away with (sit down and get ready...) the titanium and steel spine bikes in place of aluminum and carbon spine bikes. Also gone for 2007 are the beloved panel paint scheme, to the dismay of some Lemond fans. The new aluminum spine bikes are reportedly the same weight as current ti/carbon spine bikes but stiffer. There will also be three all carbon models, the budget friendly Versaille, the Triomphe and the Triomphe Ultimate, differing by type of carbon and method of lay up. These bikes will also have integrated headtubes, headsets and forks.

Read more here and here.

Bianchi released details of their 2007 lineup in a BianchiPressEvent in Treviglio, Italy. There will be a few changes to the 2007 line. Trying to make it easier for the consumer to choose a bike, they have re-categorizing all their bikes: road into HoC, B4P, and C2C; mountain into Racing, Performance, and Leisure. Right...easier. Anyhow, Bianchi's 2007 lineup will incorporate carbon Nanotechnology, developed in-house, to their flagship HoC line of bikes, including the 928 SL seen previously. As stated by Bianchi's R&D Manager:

"The inspiration for a new frame can be provided by a sudden idea while you are riding. We are able to turn this fantasy into reality thanks to technology."

Hmm...BMC uses Easton carbon Nanotechnology. Let's use it too! I kid. Price for a 928 SL is a cool 9000 EU (that's $11, 383.20 USD - gulp). Weight for a 55cm is claimed to be 900 grams. The moutain bike range has yet to be announced, but I suspect their inspirational Nanotechnology to be used here as well, in their full-carbon frame and Al/carbon frame. Also new next year is the option of a SRAM Force 10 group. No mention of the Campagnolo UltraTorque integrated BB/crankset.

This event also marked the departure of Bianchi's product manager, Sky Yaeger. She has been with Bianchi for 17 years. Her last project involved designing the graphics for the 2007 29er SS Rita bike. Sweet, panels.

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Surly 2 Geared Fixed Bike Hub published a spy shot taken of a fixed bicycle running 2 gears on a Surly hub. Kinda looses the simplicity of a fixed geared bicycle, don't you think?

Read more.

2007 Bianchi 928 Superlight

Pez Cycling has some photos of the new full carbon Bianchi bike, the 928 Superlight. Superlight, meaning 900 grams for an unspecified size. The frame appears to be highly shaped and was built up with SRAM componentry. Official release of the 2007 line will be next week and should include the highly anticipated 29er mountain bike. Read more.

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Stan's NoTube System Patented

On devil's day, Stan's Tubeless tire conversion kit, "NoTubes" gets patent #7055569. The abstract:

"The present invention provides a compound, system, and method for retrofitting and converting standard bicycle rims and tires having tube to be tubeless. Standard tube tires are retrofitted by installing either rim tape or a rim strip with integral valve stem around the inner channel of the rim, mounting the first bead of the tire, injecting a liquid sealing compound into the tire cavity, finishing mounting the tire, inflating and installing the tire on a bicycle. The sealing compound may additionally contain propylene glycol or an aggregate material to encourage the sealing of the tires as punctures occur when the tire system is placed into use."

In case you've been living under a rock for the past 6 years, Stan's NoTube rim strip and tire sealant system has been converting weight weenie's tubed wheelset and tires to run tubeless. What are the advantages of this, you ask? Besides being able to run lighter wheelsets and tires, you can run your tires at low pressures, thus gaining traction and loosing rolling resistance. You are also immune to such annoyances as puctures and pinch flats. The NoTube website has some impressive pictures of poor tires resembling Hellraiser's Pinhead. Here's a great overview at

The tubeless sealant craze began with the weenies over in the Save Some Weight forum at Like any new product, it had some hiccups. Criticisms were equal to the praises back then. After some fine tuning, however, Stan has produced a fine product that many racers and weekend warriors now swear by.

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Since Stan's NoTubes, other tubeless tire sealants, or parts of it, have hit the market: Eclipse Tubeless kits, Flat Attack, Maxxis TS rim strips, Bontrager Super Juice, just to name a few.

NoTubes has expanded their product range to include wheelsets, disc rotors, and even a tire, to satisify the weight weenie bug in all of us.

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No surprise here. Cannondale has opened the doors to the System Six bike on their website. All details about the bike are laid out, with various pictures, as well as a couple interesting videos that delve into the frame and its manufacturing details. also covered Gord Frasier's System Six prototype as seen at the TdG. Doesn't the '6' badge on the headtube remind you of Lance's '7' bike?

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