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Campagnolo Goes Hollow with New BB Design

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Tech news from reveals Campagnolo's next generation crank design that integrates a hollow bottom bracket axle with crank arms. What sets this crank apart from other two piece cranksets is that the axle is split in half with each half integrated to a crank arm, coming together in the middle of the bottom bracket by a single bolt. The other notable difference is there is no increase in Q factor, a common complaint of external bearing bottom bracket designs today. The two piece crankset will be introduced at once throughout the entire campagnolo range, due out in the 2007 season.

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2 Responses to “Campagnolo Goes Hollow with New BB Design”

  1. Anonymous grand_bi 

    My post as nothing to do with the new campy bb/crank thing (although it's about time they switch into the 21st century)... congrats on the blog, that's it... It's a pleasure to read! Keep it up!

  2. Anonymous Aaron 

    I like the innovation in the rest of the Campy lines, but Im not sold on this new BB/crank just yet. I like the complete thru axle designs of Shimano and FSA better. I am of course glad to see Campy coming out of the dark ages and dropping the square taper. I think this design is a little bit lacking because it leaves the potential for bearings to support some of the bending load of the spindle. In the case of the full lentgth axle, the axle is very stiff and can easily support a bending load. In this case there is a single bolt in the middle which is not terribly stiff when it is bent. There could be enough flex in there to stress and wear the bearings. It could be argued that tightening the center bolt enough means that there considerable compression between the two sides at the outer diameter of the spindle and to support the bending loads one side would simply have reduced compressive pressure. I still think this is too much going on there. Thats my opinion, and it is limited considerably because I have yet to see the crank, and I will likely never see any of their design process. I trust that it has been tested for a year or more of heavy punishment and likely turn out just fine. I just don't know if it'll be something that we pass on to our children, like the 70s campy parts.

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