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2007 Campagnolo; More Information

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All personal information that you provide here will be governed by the Privacy Policy of More... has a post by someone whose had their hands on 2007 Campagnolo equipment, including the new crank and BB combo. Straight from the horse's mouth:

"I just had my hands on 2007 Campy Prototypes. Unfortunately with the Rep present, photos were not an option. Here's what I can tell you from what I can remember:

ID of the BB spindle at the crank arm is a massive 25mm. This tapers internally through the Bearing and externally after the bearing (inside the shell so to speak. I couldn't get an idea of the diameter of spindle further down (my ring didn't compare to anything...) The interface in the center has 20 teeth aprox. 5mm deep on each side of the spindle that mesh much like two gears. A hollow alloy bolt holds the two sides together at 42Nm. I unfortunately didn't have a magnet handy so I can't tell you if the spindle with alloy or something else. The cups are seperate from the bearing and are sold seperately from the crank. The cups are the same through the range from Xenon to Record.

The Record cranks have been narrowed and made flat in order to keep the Q-factor the same as the current crank/bb set up. They're about 10mm thick at the edges, a small bulge down the center but otherwise flat and hollow. The most noticable part is that they're close to 50mm wide! The explaination given was that whatever is placed inside the crank before curing the carbon is then sucked out through a small hole in the back side of the crank (this is then covered by some sort of sticker on the prototype, I don't know how the production model will be).

Chorus cranks are nearly identical to Record, however won't be hollow. Centaur and down go to a forged alloy arm with a concave backside, in a similar shape from the front as the carbon cranks. Centaur will be available in black.

Centaur brakes are forged slightly different from Record and Chorus, with exposed bolts in the center where as Rec/Cho are hidden bolt forged. they're still nice and round but with hollows in the arms. As has been said above, similar in idea to ZG, only a lot prettier, as would be expected from Campy.

Most of the other changes are minor, however I have one change to make to my previous statements, Chorus will be going to the shifter that only allows 1 gear change at a time when going to smaller cogs. Record will remain the only one allowing you to dump as many gears as your thumb will allow. However, the shifting action on the thumb lever of the lower units is EXTREMELY shorts and VERY easy so tapping the lever multiple times for shifts will not be a problem. This new system also lightens up the levers pretty well and will make for an interesting dilemma when choosing shifters for a piece by piece build.

US delivery on the higher end parts will be late, Chorus and Record probably won't see light of day here prior to October. Bianchi will be delivery bikes with Mirage 10 at the end of this month for most markets, probably June/July in the states. These are the bikes that have been photographed and going around on WW forums.

More info as I get it.

We'll be watching closely for updates on the new Campagnolo equipment. Thanks NexusHeli.

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