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Spy shots: GF FS SS 29er

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It's long been discussed that Gary Fisher would be replacing the beloved Sugar full-suspension line. On MTBR 29er forums, we have an insider that gives us the scoop on GF 29er news. At the Trek show back in August, we saw the first pictures of the new full suspension prototype. Then, in November, ride pics of the bike were taken while it was being tested. At Sea Otter, we saw Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski race the bike with a number of prototype bits (see Gone Crazy for Carbon). Now shots of the revised full suspension frame have been floating around the web, first with this 3D rendering of a highly manipulated tubeset, then 'Test Pilot' shots of this new inderation fully built 29er full susupension bike at Recently, spy shots from Trek's Waterloo factory were posted on showing another 'Race Day' bike built up as a single speed. The source says that the 29er version is as light as the 26er version ridden by Jeremy. Click here to see more pictures of the GF FS SS 29er.

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