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Lemond Triomphe - full carbon sub 1kg

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Not to be left off the carbon-train, Lemond is jumping into the arena with it's own offering of a full carbon frame model, the Triomphe. We knew that Greg Lemond's appearance at the Tour de Georgia couldn't purely be all for fun. He helped to launch the new professional line of Lemond bikes. These new bikes aren't just repainted and rebadged Trek OCLV frames (Chambrey), either. These are completely new, non-OCLV, "developed in-house", frames, with unique design features, such as asymetrical chainstays (a higher drive-side chainstay and a wider non-drive-side chainstay) to keep the rear from flexing while minimizing weight. Minimizing weight while maximizing output was the name of the game with the Triomphe. A 55cm fully painted frame weighs 950 grams.

This move to sell their own brand of carbon bike is surprising as this competes directly with Lemond's parent line of Trek OCLV bikes. The new frame is apparently the goal Greg Lemond has finally realized of minimal weight and maximum stiffness he was trying to achieve with the Ti/Carbon bikes. So, does this mean the end of spine bikes?

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2 Responses to “Lemond Triomphe - full carbon sub 1kg”

  1. Anonymous MT 

    The problem with LeMond bikes is they have been so haphazard over the years. There is no theme or consistency. They have used Italian builders (steel), Craig Calfee, Mitsubishi, Clark Kent, rebadged Treks, etc. Who knows if they're committed to this design philisophy or not.

  2. Anonymous GR 

    I think the changes in Bike design have warranted that LeMond Hhas gone and looked for "Best in Breed" by out sourcing to great companies. Prior to being under the Trek banner, Lemond has worked with LiteSpeed, Merlin, Calfee and a few other boutique builders. There si nothing wrong with those bike builders.

    Furthermore, how stupid is it to stay with a staid design philosphy: It did bridgestone alot of good.

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